Some words on HR & Culture

We highly value diversity, life experiences and different viewpoints and foster a culture of risk taking and approaches to challenges in new and different ways. We fully trust in the concept of the “Modern way of work” and balancing life with work. Our modern platform allows you to handle your schedule in the most efficient way. We understand that the “Experience Required” section in our Job descriptions are a “Wish-you-what” list and want to encourage you to apply if you think you bring the right skills and the right attitude to our team even when you can’t tick all requirements.

Besides the posted Jobs we are also looking for extraordinary talents for :

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Legal / Data Safety / Data Security / GDPR
  • Communications (internal/external)
  • Frontend Devs
  • Security Devs
  • CD/CD Devs
  • Backend Devs
  • Fullstack Devs
  • Data Scientists
  • Operations and Strategie

If you can’t find a suitable role for yourself but believe that you are the right person to join our Team at then write a quick mail why we should hire you to :

We live the #startuplife !

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